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  •  Your Wedding Day at Angel’s View

Your Wedding Day at Angel’s View wedding chapel

What to expect on the day of your arrival at Angel’s View Wedding Chapel.

Arrival Times:

  • Bride & Groom will have access to dressing rooms 30 minutes prior to the wedding time. Bride will need to arrive with hair and makeup already completed, unless booked in salon.
  • Wedding Party may come into dressing room with bride and groom, but must arrive dressed.
  • Guests must arrive dressed 10-15 minutes prior to ceremony time

What to Bring:

  • State of TN Marriage License
  • Wedding Rings
  • Attire and Jewelry
  • Music (We provide traditional wedding march music, if you prefer to bring in your own music, please contact coordinator to discuss)
  • Photography is included in all wedding packages. We do not allow outside cameras during ceremony or photoshoot. There is an outside vendors fee applied if you wish to bring in your own photographer, you MUST discuss this with coordinator before wedding day.

Salon Appointments:

  • Please arrive promptly at scheduled time
  • Bring Dress, Shoes, and accessories to salon appointment
  • If wedding party is receiving salon services with Bride, then they can also get dressed in the salon area.


  • Discuss with coordinator time frame to bring in any decorations, alcohol, or extras for reception
  • Discuss hall setup with coordinator (color, table setup, ext.)

Itinerary of Ceremony:

  • 30 minutes prior to wedding time is bride and groom arrival
  • 10-15 minutes prior all guests to arrive
  • 5-10 minutes prior once dressed, Bride and Groom will speak with Minister and Photographer separately (we do not let you see each other once on property)
  • Wedding Line Up will be coordinated with you by one of the staff, we will make sure everyone is lined up and knows what is going on prior to starting.
  • Ceremony lasts roughly 7-10 minutes
  • Group Photos following ceremony
  • Bride and Groom Photos  following group photos

Traffic: Please know that our towns are typically very busy, during certain times of year traffic is a lot heavier than normal and can take 2-3 times the amount of driving time anticipated. We are not able to wait on guests or wedding party if they are lost or stuck in traffic.