Ask your Wedding Coordinator how to get 20 extra 4x6 photos... call 1-800-758-6604..

wedding photography packages
Landscape photo books are fantastic gifts for the bride and groom or parents. These are select photos from your photo shoot that are bound as coffee table books or display books of your wedding day.

All our Pigeon Forge Wedding Packages come with a photo package 4x6s or 5x7s!

Please, no photo or video cameras allowed at The Wedding Chapel or any Photo Shoots.  This is the Bride and Groom's time and please do not  disrespect them by doing so.  We understand everyone wants to capture the precious moments, but it does not allow us to complete our job properly if we are trying to watch for other flashes or people.  Our area is very beautiful and we can provide off site shoots and receptions with a fee. If he Bride has arrived a day early and wants a separate photo shoot for portraits, please ask your wedding coordinator for arrangements.  

You and your family members can purchase photos by going to  Pictures of your Wedding

Pricing as follows for soft and hardback landscape books

Landscape book sizes in soft back

5x7 which is $59.00

7x9 which is $79.00

8x8 which is $89.00

8x11 which is $109.00

Landscape book sizes in hard back

8x8 which is $129.00

8x11 which is $169.00

12x12 which is $249.00

All prices are subject to taxes and shipping

20 pages are included in this price ($3.00 dollars for extra pages x must be order in 2s)


Photo Landsape Book



Other Photo Products that can be purchased


Parent Albums can be purchased as a 8x8 hardback landscape book or 30 4x6s

Premium Books

Pages lay flat and seamless for a stunning display
Double thick, 3 premium professional-grade paper

with Satin finish
Genuine leather cover with stitch ededges
Perfect for weddings and portfolios


photo wedding books

These are leather bound and stitched books

wedding photograpy packages


Pricing as follows for Premium leather finished layflat books

Premium book sizes in black leather back

8x8 which is $169.00

8x11 which is $199.00

10x10 which is $229.00

12x12 which is $299.00

All prices are subject to taxes and shipping

20 pages are included in this price ($5.00 dollars for extra pages x must be ordered in  2s)


Wedding packages

Our Premium Photo Package is a $1,500.00 dollar package.

It includes an offsite photo shoot

Formal setting for Portraits of Bride and Groom

Before, during and after the wedding

This will need to be discussed with your wedding coordinator to get the best time that suits you for your offsite shoot.

The formal is shot before the wedding in full bridal attire. Bride and Groom are taken separately.

The photos are then edited and you will get both sets of unedited and edited digitally formated on a disk and the rights to the photos to be able to print them where you would like at your convenience.



wall art 



Other Gift Photo Items to be considered 

11x14 Framed Canvas

16x20 Framed Canvas

11x14 Gallry Wraps

16x20 Gallary Wraps

5x5 Acrylic Blocks

5x7 Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic Prints
16 x 20 $229.99
20 x 30 $299.99
24 x 36 $429.99

Ask your wedding coordinator about iphone covers/blankets/pillows and other gift items.

Pigeon Forge Wedding Packages

Most Wedding Chapels in the area only take what you have requested in photos: example 6, 12, 24. We know that your wedding is all about remembering and that the photographs are very important. We always shoot extras for you to choose from on our photo cart. We have several packages that allow for discounts when ordered upfront.  You can also add to your order on the photo cart and buy photographs individually. A Photo Package must be purchased before individual products can be purchased. There is a photography fee in your wedding photo package depending on frames shot. Taxes and shipping must be added.


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